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For real...
Notice: Please forgive any bad grammar or spelling errors you might find here. I woke up really early today & at the time I wrote this I was very tired. I will fix it when I can next time.

When it comes to shippings, I tend to be very hateful towards them from the start. From all those shitty MLP X *ANY CHARACTER FROM ANYWHERE* to *Random fandom* X *Mary-Sue OC*. But then we have possibly the Five Nights at Freddy's shipping with all these terrible OCS or characters that make NO sense.

You can say I'm being biased, because I'm a person who prefers originality, but no these are shippings that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. And before anyone comes with "You're just a hater that doesn't know anything!", no, shut your whore traps. I am a perosn who has written PLENTY of believable characters over my years, & I am able to be VERY accepting towards or reasonable towards certain shippings/fandoms. Hell, I even wanted to try out writing a Green Lantern fan fiction myself at one point but left it aside due to certain plot problems. I am a person who likes to see some sort of realism in the characters, EVEN if they're fictional.

The ships between Five Nights at Freddy's & other crap break every rule of realism the minute you hear them.

How so? Because the most obviously & LOGICAL one is the fact that the characters are animatronic characters! They do not have the capacity to feel emotions, let alone love! Do any of you fan girls seriously think that animatronic characters that would sooner rip you apart than to care for you will be able to feel any emotion of affections towards your crappy OCs? Because if you seriously think so, then you are an absolute moron. The Freddy characters kill you & place you in another robotic suit with no remorse, no joy, & no laughter. They are indifferent robots. Robots created for entertainment by day & massacre by night are NOT MEANT TO FEEL. That's a FACT.

Before you use the "but other robots have learned to love :(" argument, here's the difference. The robots you are talking about are androids with artificial intelligence. They are created to do their purpose, which is serve humans or whomever, & they either STAY that way or eventually develop a SOUL with emotions; and even THEN the android itself becomes confused about these sudden feelings they are getting. They KNOW it's not normal & they KNOW it's not a natural thing for an ai (artificial intelligence) to feel such things.

Take Fi from Skyward Sword; her sole purpose in the entire game/story was to guide Link as she was ordered by the Goddess & created for. After her entire journey with Link the time came to separate from each other, she began to feel an emotion that she was not able to carefully comprehend. The time she spent with Link she began to realize how precious it was to her, & she began to feel "happiness" & she clearly states how she doesn't have such a capability to understand the human spirit so she remains with simply stating how it's all just a conclusion to her. It's a heartbreaking development of an android who simply started off with a sole purpose to serve her Master under the Godess' orders.

Or let's try the Iron Giant from The Iron Giant. A creature that's technically an alien machine, that develops feelings after being saved by a human. Hell, he develops a soul & learns to appreciate life, & not harm others but instead protect them despite his rue prupose being a destructive machine when he sees weapons.

The characters from Five Night's a Freddy's are NOTHING like Fi or the Iron Giant & they never will be. They are nothing more than primitive animatronic things created only to sing & later kill. That's how far their development goes.

Now, onto the ships. The idiots/fangirls who ship them have no concept of chemistry, originality, story, common sense, & most importantly logic They give you no reason why they ship one of their stupid pony OCs or the other animatronic character with another Freddy character. They think that just because it's "cute" it makes the ship so good! They fail to realize that Chica/Foxy/Freddy/Bonnie will actually kill their Mary Sue OC on sight than kiss them. And other fantards actually EAT THIS SHIT UP! Much like one of my other arguments, these ships ae more popular & get more praise over well developed couples.

Yes, I could have used this argument with other fangirl bullshit/ships, but this one right here is where the line crossed from acceptable fiction to plain out bullshit.

Any person with common sense will clearly see how the Freddy crossovers with any Mary Sue OC not only fails from the concept, but is laughable from the start seeing that the robots have no capacity to feel emotions.

And I don't give a shit if fangirls are offended by this. I'm sorry that my common sense & logic offends you. I may be a fan of certain things that are unrealistic too (MPreg), but again, unlike you fantards, I write them out REALISTICALLY in EVERY concept from story to the characters. If you really think that by using "I can do whatever they fuck I want! YOu're a dumbass" will prove anything, then ENJOY not being taken seriously by nobody other than other fantards.

You can call me a "stupid fanboy of FNAF", but you know what? The joke is on you, because I'm NOT a fan of the game. Hell I haven't even played it! I've done my research on the game, watched the hilarious "Let's play" video by Markiplier (Neptune he's so fucking sexy!) & had the shit scared out of me by what I was watching. I simply ADMIRE the game's unique take on the survival horror genre & the way it has a simple gaming platform yet manages to work so perfectly with it.


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Hey guys, been a long time. So I'm going to start posting more of my art on my next couple of tumblr pages if you guys are interested in following. I prefer to start submitting some of my sketches there & also some of my other pieces I can't submit in this page because, well, tumblr is more open-minded, but I believe they have standards too most of the time. Anyways, follow my next couple of pages if you wish;

The Art of Frisby - This account will be for my non-Fakemon art. But be warned, as the images I will be posting here may or may not be of mature nature or non kid-friendly material (not that kids should be wandering in tumblr). This gallery will mostly be for my Mpreg stuff & other things.

Frisby's Pokemon - This one is strictly Pokemon/Fakemon art.

I haven't been posting much stuff here often because DA has gotten very boring & not to mention that I'm actually growing tired of it. Not to mention that in all honestly I'm growing sick of the fact that DA does nothing about the problems with stuck-up, pompous popular artists on DA who troll & harass other users, & get away with it because they're popular. And the community is also pissing me off.

But take note that I am NOT LEAVING DA. Trust me, I WOULD have left DA a long time ago if I had realized things, hell even my art teachers have recommended that I leave DeviantArt (for the same particular reasons I've stated, & more), but I already made the mistake of putting too much effort & work into this account that deleting it would be too much for me. And I've got friends here too :I
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Ahh yes, the immediate BAAWWWWlock move, typical Christian move. Thanks for further proving me right. You respond to my comment with no evidence, & have COMPLETELY ignored all my statements without giving me the evidence to prove me wrong. (especially the ones about women being abused in the bible) I LOVE it when I'm right :)

You can't handle the facts in your face, then get off the Internet or don't post contradictory stamps, cuntflap.
Fault-in-the-stars Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
Can i say when it comes to most things that are 3D theses days that i don't enjoy them much.
I enjoy 2D allot more as it has more concept to it and i feel more towards it.

It's a shame that 2D is not much around, i support and love Studio ghibli as i enjoy their films allot and i prefer Disney's old films such as the lion king, Bambi and many good classics that came from Disney back then. 

what are your fav 2D films ? 

Have you heard of some film called 'Wolf children' ? it's by some anime company and is not half bad. 
KooboriSapphire Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Unfortunately all that's left of 2D is people making them on YouTube of small, unheard of independent animation companies.

And there's quite a few: The Little Mermaid, The Secret world of Arietty, Spirited Away, Cinderella, The Wind Rises, Beauty & the Beast, The Princess & the Frog.
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I have an honest question for you. Do you think I'm a monodimensional fantard whose entire life centers around ponies?
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I don't know, are you?
TheREALTwilightSpark Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I want to know if you think I am. I'll answer your question after you answer mine.
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The best way I can put it, somewhat is possibly. You draw nothing but ponies, & you use brony terms (everypony, brohoof). Then again, you possibly can't be.
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May I reward you with being the most logical person around?
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Not necessary but appreciated nonetheless :)
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I already gave out one award for being logical, now another one to you.
Most people are annoying when their not logical.
I'm not saying they have to be, but it is pretty annoying.
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